Training and Education

2017 Educational Sessions and Material

NSHE 2017 Webinar Series
♦ Impact to Facility Infrastructure Due to New Pharmacy Regulations


NSHE Trade Show/Conference 2017
♦ ASHE Updates_Tracy Robinson
♦ Helping Rural Hospitals meet the Challenges of Emergency Preparedness _Laura Meyers
♦ Healthcare Security Managment_Philip Niemer

NSHE Winter Telehealth 2017
♦ Emergency Management _Paul Johnson
HICS Essentials Workshop _Grainger
Emergency Planning Case Study

2016 Educational Sessions and Material

NSHE Annual Fall Meeting/NHA Convention
♦ CMS Adoption of 2012 NFPA 101
♦ NFPA 101 and 2012 IBC Fire Protection Code Requirements
♦ Firestop 101 AIA
♦ NFPA 99 2012

NSHE Fall Telehealth 2016
♦ Managing Infrastructure Failures

 NSHE 11th Annual Golf Outing/Conference
Energy Savings, Easy If You Know How

NSHE 7th Annual Trade Show/Conference
Communicating for Results

NSHE Winter Telehealth
Contractor and Facility Safety Programs
Interacting with Contractors
Standard 188P-ASHRAE Standard 170

2015 Educational Sessions and Material

NSHE Annual Fall Meeting/NHA Convention
Regulations and Guidelines to Follow FGI ASHRAE
Environment of Care Updates
Hospital Top 10 Definciencies 2014
Barrier Management Strategies
Compliance Documenation Best Practices
Geothermal Heat Recovery

NSHE Fall Telehealth 2015
Imaging Modalities
Med Gas Survey
OR Design and Operation
NFPA 25 13 Fire Suppression Detection Comliance Documentation

NSHE 6th Annual Trade Show/Conference
2015 -Roadmap to Codes and Standards
Change, It Just Keeps Coming
ROIs and the C-Suite
Healthcare Finance and Performance Management
The Financial Side of Energy Efficiency

Nebraska Hospital Association Webinar Series 2015
ASHE Webinar 2 3 15 Equipment Management
NSHE Feb Telehealth Hospital Dept Renovation Costs
NSHE Feb Telehealth Design Process and Documentation
NSHE Feb Telehealth Construction Administration



2014 Educational Sessions and Material

♦ NHA SHSE  Life Safety Code Adoption
♦ NHA SHSE  Infection Control and Facilities Management
♦ NHA SHSE  Code Compliance
♦ NHA SHSE NSHE Telehealth Steam Quality
♦ NHA SHSE  NSHE Telehealth Prevention of Hot Work Fires in Healthcare Facilities
♦ NHA SHSE NSHE Telehealth Inspection, Testing and Maintenance
♦ NHA SHSE CMS LSC Adoption (Webinar Slides)
♦ NHA SHSE Life Safety Code Checklist
♦ NHA SHSE Violence in Healthcare
♦ NHA SHSE HVAC Seasonal – Equipment Operational Considerations
♦ NHA SHSE HVAC – Seasonal Commissioning
♦ NHA SHSE HVAC Seasonal Snowmelt
♦ NHA SHSE 2000_2012 LSC Health Care
♦ NHA SHSE CMS Maintenance Requirements
♦ NHA SHSE Electrical Systems
♦ NHA SHSE Environmental Tours
♦ NHA SHSE Internal Policies


2013 Educational Sessions

Humidification in Hospitals
Managing LegionellaThe Invisible Architecture of Your Organization
Environmental Infection Control
The Invisible Architecture of Your Organization
NSHE Improving Environment of Care and Energy May 3 2013
Common Energy Mistakes
ASHE Region 8
Succession Planning
Health Facilities Design 2010 FGI Guidelines
Maintaining Compliance Documentation
♦ Construction Process Forms


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